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Hilbert Electronics originally started as a TV installation and repair business dating back some 35 years. In those early years the main towns only were equipped to receive television signals. All other areas were left in the dark. By installing over 25 TV stations in the Southern Cape, giving coverage to those who were previously without TV, Hilbert TV &  Electronics became a household name.





At that time the enquiries for two way radios was only a drop in the ocean, but from a lot of drops you get a full pail of water. In 1985, with the implementation of Community Repeaters, the supply, installation and maintenance of two way radios in the Southern and  Eastern  Cape as well as the Klein and Great Karoo was much improved.


At this time our Community Repeater network, consisting of more than 50 stations, covers some 40 000km˛. These repeaters are situated on various mountains with some only accessible by helicopter. The company  purchased  a helicopter to install and maintain these sites.


The previous owner of the business was also the helicopter pilot. After a big accident on the Swartberg in 1997, a second helicopter was purchased and later sold when ownership changed.


In 2006 we became a Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider. Although this was a new concept the principal of communication is similar i.e. signals are transmitted and received over the air. With our existing high sites, situated at well located points the roll out of a broadband network is possible giving good coverage for customers in urban and rural areas.


With our sales, service, installation and office teams we are a major roll player in the supply of communication for municipalities, construction teams, transport companies and farming communities.


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