Two Way Radios - Commercial:


The Land Mobile Radio (LMR) is a service for short and long-distance two-way radio communication. Various types of portable and mobile radio's are available to operate on the specified frequencies allocated by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).


The following radio frequencies are daily used in the LMR spectrum:



VHF Mid Band

54 88 MHz

VHF High Band

134 174 MHz

UHF Ultra High Band

410 480 MHz



The most popular frequency band used in the Southern Cape is  the VHF High Band.


Radio equipment on above frequencies are professional and programmable with various features to operate on different systems e.g.

Simplex (radio to radio)

Duplex   (via a repeater)


Transmit power on portables various from 2 5 watt and mobile radio's from 5 25 watt.


Above voice communications uses Frequency Modulation (FM).













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